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The Bridgwater Carnival attracts more than 150,000 spectators to see the most spectacular illuminated carts, followed by the famous 'simultaneous squibbing' which is held in the High Street;

CAR-This was the pre- war name used for the carts you see in today's procession. SQUIBBS-A very large firework tied to a Cosh, (these squibbs are now classed as a category 4 firework) CART-This is what most people know as a float. The cart is drawn by a tractor, the entries are restricted to a size of 5.33 meters high, 30.48 meters in length and 3.35 meters in width. COSH-A 'T' shaped item which looks like a very large broom, the squibb (a very large category 4 firework) is tied to the cosh. The cosh is held in two hands above the head, the cosh is now horizontal and the squibb held vertically upwards. Over 100 squibbers, light their squibbs which creates a spectacular sight to end the evening, the squibbs used to end with a loud bang, until Health and Safety laws were brought in, in the late 1990's). Local squibbs go back as far as 1716 when a local man, John Taylor blew himself and his two children to kingdom come, whilst making his own squibbs.

THE STAGE SHOW-A two week long concert which takes place in the town hall in Bridgwater, each club has 8 minutes to entertain the audience, between the clubs performances, local solo or small groups of artistes perform in front of the curtain facilitating the frantic changes going on back stage. The standard of these concerts are of a very high level, which has been reflected in the past, with difficulties in obtaining tickets. The first concert was held in 1883, and ran for two nights only. The concerts usually start on the Monday nearest the 4th October and continue for a full two weeks. MARSHALS-A group of dedicated who makes sure the carts are escorted to their right positions in the arrival zone, and to line the route making sure crowd control is safely adhered to. Good marshals are as important as the carnival procession itself. THE COMMITTEE'S-A body of people who spend all year promoting the carnival, raising funds for prize money, and looking out to the legal matters and working alongside the local authorities, police, fire and ambulance services.

CARNIVAL CLUBS-Clubs are made up from ordinary people, outsiders would say they must be mad to put so much in and get nothing out, but how wrong they are. Carnivalites are very proud of their club and only expect to get a good time, and perhaps a prize winning cart. The clubs work hard all year round to raise the money required to build their cart, dances, raffles, sponsored walks and skittle weeks are just some of the ways club members raise money. Members dedicate most of their spare time in the building of their cart, from April onwards, but the clubs on the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Circuit the last two weeks in October are the most important days of building, members take their annual holidays which makes their wives and girlfriends carnival widows, but come carnival night they are friends again.

BLACK FRIDAY-The day after Bridgwater Carnival the members of the Bridgwater clubs make their way to the headquarters of the winning club. The phrase Black Friday was born several years ago before all day drinking. The it was the practice for a public house to apply for an extension of drinking hours on the Friday after Bridgwater Carnival. On some occasions public houses were refused an extension but in the words of one magistrate it would surely be a Black Friday for the pubs who had carnival clubs based there to be refused. Since Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival changed the day of their carnival to a Friday, unfortunately, the tradition of Black Friday, sadly ceased. However the carnivalites of Bridgwater were not to beaten by their own carnival committee, the tradition of clubs visiting the winning Bridgwater carnival clubs headquarters, still continues today however, the day has changed to the Sunday after both Bridgwater, and North Petherton Guy Fawkes Carnivals, and the first year was known as Black Sabbath. However by holding this on the Sunday, many carnivalites from the other carnival circuits make the pilgrimage to Bridgwater to share in the celebrations.

Best festivals and carnivals in the UK

The UK offers you many opportunities to have fun, whether you are a local or you travel here for the first time in your life. With dozens of live concerts throughout the year, impressive carnivals and amazing other special events, you will sure find your entertainment alongside British people when you will spend your vacation here. Here are some delightful carnivals you cannot miss this year in the UK.

Drink and dance during the best carnivals

In UK, people party like nowhere else. Rivers of beer, whisky and lager will flow during Notting Hill Carnival, which is actually one of the best in the world. In each August, the streets of Notting Hill, London will become very noisy and colourful, as the bands will perform live on scene and people will get dressed in shiny costumes. Bring your own costume or take your regular clothes, but make sure you will attend to this annual celebration of a multicultural past and present.

The largest illuminated carnival in Europe is Bridgewater Carnival, this beautiful event that is organized each year in Somerset. This November you must be certain that you will be in Somerset to witness the procession of more than 100 bright floats, dancing and live music. More than 22,000 light bulbs illuminate the streets to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ burnt after he foiled Gunpowder plot. Bring your own fairy light and get ready for some serious funny moments with the other partygoers.

Head to Cardiff this summer and do not miss the 26th edition of the Cardiff MAS Carnival. Whether you will come here with a London escort or with your family and friends, the crowds, dancing and music will fill your heart with joy. Hundreds of carnival creations and flamboyant costumes will catch the eye, your thirst will be quenched with the most refreshing beer and the giant puppets will remind you of your childhood.

More than 15,000 partygoers are expected to come to this year’s edition of Coventry Caribbean Festival. Taste the treats served in the Caribbean stalls, have some fun with your family and connect with other people who wish to savour this festival in War Memorial Park, Coventry. During Stoke on Trent Carnival in July you will laugh, sing and jump with all those people who will come and enjoy the live music, costume parade and dancers. It is in fact known as Six towns one city Carnival and it will be held in Hanley Park Shelton in 16th of July.

Drive from London to Liverpool and watch an explosion of lively costumes, masquerade, drums and dance. This artistic parade is a wonderful occasion to spend time with your friends, the drum sounds of the international artists will make your heart pump more blood through your veins and the costumes from Bahamas must be captured in dozens of photographs to take home with you as souvenirs.

Whether you will be in Leeds, London, Liverpool, St Pauls, Preston or Tottenham, you will be present at one of the best carnivals in the UK. Gather your friends and get ready for some memorable moments at these astonishing festivals!